Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knit related linocut prints

Why yes you did read that title correctly.  My knitting muse has flown for the moment so I figured I change tack for a week or two and work on making some prints.  They will be knitting related and I'll likely post some sketches when they come to me.  I'm feeling good about this, I've been wanting to do a little more drawing recently and I think some prints will do the trick.   If I write it here I'll have to do it because people will expect me to.  Yes yes.  A little peer pressure. 

And since this post doesn't have a related photo have this one of a sweater I recently completed.  It's beautiful.  This sweater is knitted in an old cone yarn with no brand name that was ostensibly some sort of blend of wool and alpaca.  It's incredibly warm and I wore it as a coat down in the city for record shopping a couple of weeks ago. 

The pattern is Howlite, by Heather Dixon. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I just wanted to share that I've updated the patterns page with Meta Cap, a companion hat to Meta Mittens and Meta Set, which is both patterns together for a discounted price.

Another exciting thing that happened recently was that Meta Cap was mentioned in a podcast!  Just One More Row - podcast #3 - about 14 minutes in. That would be here - scroll down to episode 3.  It's in their "what's new in the queue" portion and though it's a small mention, I am extremely flattered to be noticed.

  Because this post otherwise has no photos and I can't have that, I'll leave you all with a photo from our Thanksgiving vacation to Edisto Island, South Carolina.