Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old Rice Hotel

The Old Rice Hotel is the pretty, old, building where Eli works so when I designed this scarf and hat set for him it seemed the natural choice for inspiration.

Here is a photo of the building I took last winter when we had an amazing ice-fog.  Every plant had a delicate silvered appearance that made the landscape seem like it was enchanted.
And here is Eli with his new cold weather gear.

The scarf is a knit and purl herringbone pattern knitted up in Cascade Rustic in color 04 which is a really nice wool/linen blend.  It's very soft with an interesting texture and a good drape.  A bonus is that it can be bound off at any time to use up every last bit of the yarn.  I hate having tiny little leftover balls. 

The hat is a sort of stranded knitting pattern with the contrast color woven in-between alternating blocks of the stitches.  I used Brown Sheep's Lanaloft Sports Weight in Sandstone Cove and Cliff Rock.  That the hat is mostly ribbing allows it to fit almost anyone.  It fit me (22" head) and Eli (24" head) which really encompasses almost everyone.  It has a really sophisticated appearance and it's a bonus to me that his Highness has been wearing it every day.

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